Just 2 guys who have played together since the 60's and neither of their names are Ben. This project started as a means to satisfy a desire to leave something behind, and to capture ideas. Although it was not intended to be released to the public, we've had several inquiries about our project, so we decided to find a place where these people could hear our ideas and watch our progress. We do not have a professional studio, nor dowe intend it to sound like the pros. It's just the two of us and some rough ideas we've captured.

The homepage picture was taken in December of 2003, for a newpaper article about their Christmas song, "The GIft", which received airplay on the local FM radio station during the entire 2003 Christmas season. The picture is also used as the cover for the first album, "Eclecticity", which features the song.

The second album, "On the Edge of a Dream", is presently awaiting final mix down, while the third album is under construction.

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Posted: Tuesday, Dec 16, 2003 - 09:58:05 am CST


The Byrds, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, The Flock, Michael Bloomfield, Al Kooper, The Beatles, and many more '60's & '70's era artists


Dale Bennett and Marc Hatzinger grew up with strong musical influences. They parlayed that background into a band, organizing a group as 9th graders. The group frequently played at teen dances.

They have also traveled a long way since 1971, when just out of Beaver Dam High School they joined two classmates on a trip to Nashville in search of stardom.

As things turned out, the group didn't meet any record producers or promoters eager to give them a break in the music business (although they briefly brushed with fame when they were escorted from Johnny Cash's driveway) In fact, Bennett was forced to sell his guitar to get their Ford van fixed for the return trip home. Undaunted by that pothole on the road, their group continued to play smaller venues before eventually breaking up as members either left the area or gained family responsibilities.

Today, Bennett and Hatzinger aren't looking to return to their youthful days.

"When we were 16, we wanted to be rock stars," said Bennett, 50. "This whole thing is for posterity.

"Personally, I hope that I can leave something behind," Hatzinger concluded.

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