Alan Morphew is a singer / songwriter with an emphasis on both. After years of studying voice, he is an incredibly powerful vocalist. He ranges from sweet falsettos to deeply emotional power vocals. His songs are catchy and melodic with great choruses and meaningful lyrics.
Alan has received several awards for his music and songwriting, including an Editors Choice Award in the 2006 Kweevak Music Awards, an honorable mention in the 2006 UniSong Songwriting Competition and "Best Songwriter" in the 2005 All Access Music Awards. Also, Alan was honored to sing in the choir on Neil Young's new album, "Living With War".
Alan released his first solo album, a self-titled 5 song EP in 2005 and is planning to release a full length CD in early 2007. Both albums are produced by Alan Morphew and mixed by James "Jimbo" Barton.
Alan is currently touring the US, playing shows throughout the midwest, the south and on both coasts.
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ALAN MORPHEW – ALAN MORPHEW: Alan Morphew is a singer, songwriter and producer who also plays guitar, percussion and trumpet. Alan is joined by a troop of talented musicians who add additional guitars, bass, drums, piano, keys and a variety of string instruments to Alan's versatile songs. Morphew has years of experience playing and producing. His self-titled debut EP incorporates that expertise with classic rock influences. James Barton, who has worked with Clapton and Matchbox 20, mixed the CD. The disc features four fully produced tracks and one acoustic song. Alan is an expressive vocalist singing falsetto with power. Each song on this EP has something unique to offer. Rich, layered instrumentation blends well with Alan's varied singing styles and visual lyrics. Morphew's music is familiar – reminiscent of 70's rock yet fresh with modern production and original arrangements! Alan Morphew is a multi-talented artist who will be touring solo in 2005 in support of his new album.
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Alan Morphew's self-titled CD is the perfect showcase for this very talented songwriter and extraordinarily gifted vocalist. This very radio friendly CD has 5 songs that are loaded with emotion and show the passion for life that the singer obviously has. The first song of the CD "Pictures From a Dream" is an inspiring heart warming idealistically inspirational song that transports the listener to a feeling of enlightenment and euphoria. The melody and chord structure seem to be designed to open the souls of the listener and feed our subconscious it's much needed calm. The musicianship on this and all the tracks of this CD are exceptional and makes me wonder how he was ever able to afford this kind of talent and production. Alan's amazing voice is demonstrated best on the final track of the CD titled "Time" recorded as a vocal accompanied by a sole acoustic guitar. You really get an idea of how amazingly gifted this artist's voice is with this emotionally moving performance. Broken down to music's rawest form with just an acoustic guitar and vocal you hear every breath and cadence of his amazing voice. All in all this CD embodies the emotions that we keep most secret to ourselves and sometimes forget to visit. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with this CD and hope that I can keep it for my car so I will have something to help me escape when I am caught in the daily clot of rush hour traffic or the much needed look at life from a more soothing perspective.

-Paul Lawrence Moyer

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