Axe slinger from the 80's turned singer/songwriter and producer AlanG was been around the music business since his first piano recital at age 6. He picked up the guitar at age 15 and never looked back. The main inspiration for picking up the guitar was hearing Randy Rhoards play. "The first time I heard Crazy Train on the radio I got chills," Remarks Alan. "I told myself that the one thing I want to do in life is play guitar like that." Since then He has been in several bands in the Portland, OR area and played regionally. He also has a recording studio where he spends time crafting his sound. Pick up a copy of the digitally mastered AlanG Best of 88.94 on CD today. Send an e-mail for more details.

Alan is forging ahead with new material soon to be available and has some regional tour dates in the works.

Press Info will soon be available at
OPCC band kicks off 3 day music festival at Hidout - 2003
Lucid Smile Rocks the Roseland - 1991
Infinity Rose at Satyricon - 1988

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If I had to pick someone I would say Steve Vai. If you liked Passion and Warfare you will probably like my stuff.


Randy Rhoads, Dream Theater, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Third Day, Steve Vai, Telsa, Billy Thorpe, Audio Adrenaline, Yngwie Malmsteen, Led Zepplin, Michael Sweet, Stevie Ray Vaughn

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