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You may seem to be asking yourself "What is Anti-Gravity?? Listen up and let me explain...

(or ) was founded in 2001 by Ryan Miller (a.k.a. Logic, Sherlock Holmes, Milla, etc...) and Adam Shumilla (a.k.a. enTRAP, enTRAPment, TrapROK, etc...) as a production team, focusing on the rap music genre. It just so turns out that these dudes devastate on the boards where they feel most comfortable, but they have no problem crushing on the mic when they feel the need to get a joint out.

Logic and enTRAP go WAY BACK in history to 1984 where they grew up as best friends down the street from each other in Framingham, MA. After losing touch for many years, they conferred again just to hang out and drink a few Heinekens. Both of them learned of each other's interest in creating music that night. Because of their history together, they decided to hit it up, 50/50, from the jump.

Starting out by LEARNING to do everything on their own was more fun than work, regardless of how stressful it was getting from Point A to Point B. Ryan had some formal training studying Audio Production at The New England Institute of Art, but what he retained from schooling is another story... Late, late, late nights recording tracks of themselves and their string of various MC's dominated the working hours of the operation. They managed to teach themselves and each other everything they picked up in audio production. From digital recording, to mixing, mastering, to sampling, patching, to MIDI and back... The bottom line was that they were having the time of their lives dickin' around and having fun with it.

The music started seriously pouring out. Quality music... This was according to the public. The beats were fire. The rhymes were sick.

People wanted more. Other artists and producers reached out to them for collaboration work. Unrelated artists in unrelated music genres started booking studio time to get the nice sound. Everything was lovely. Moreover, it still is. It's getting better.

Fast forward to present day...

Ques Bio

For starters, Que is 5'10", a solid 200lbs and usually keeps a clean caesar cut. Que was born in Los Angeles, California and spent significant portions of his life in Boston, Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia. The following is a scouting report on this unique hip-hop artist:

Que has an ambidextrous flow that represents a combination of the current popular genres of rap music. Whether it?s his conscious flow, a club-banger, a reality rap ballad or an underground classic, Que?s got the goods. In other words, he's extremely versatile when it comes to radio friendly, club friendly, street level and underground music. Que will take you coast to coast from the west to the east: dunk on the cats in the south and finish it off with an AND 1 in the Midwest.

His assist to turnover ratio is sick; and he's extremely confidant in ghost writing for other rappers and R&B singers.

Que decided to pursue the college level attending Morehouse College, where he graduated with a marketing degree in May 2001. This sabbatical allowed him to both sharpen his mind and perfect his craft. He then moved to Boston and began working closely with local producers and DJ's as well as his cousins L.A. based production team. He a recently moved back to L.A. to futher pursue his musical career.

Along the road Que has experienced a myriad of musical influences, and is ready take the music industry to the next level. The proof is in the music and the message is in the words.

Bobby Thompson Bio

About four years ago Bobby picked up a guitar, determined to make music and he practiced, practiced,practiced. He even joined BC's travelling accapella group, all the while passing classes, and gaining such ranks as Tournament M.V.P. of the Big East Tournament.
How he managed to juggle his studies soccer and music is a mystery to those who know him but somehow he did. It's safe to say that Bobby has been blessed with many gifts, the biggest of all are his songwriting abilities. In a short period of time Bobby T. has compiled a catalog of easy listening songs that really touch the listeners heart and soul.
Bobby Thompson Finished his four years at Boston College(Accounting Degree) where he played for the BC Eagles soccer team on a full four year scholarship. Recently he has been employed by Major League Soccer's New England Revolution as a developmental player and is expected to enter the 2005 MLS draft. Always a natural, at a young age he trained and played for the Olympic Development Team for the United States.
Bobby is a must in this music business.Bobby's music speaks for itself. You will find a satisfied crowd at every show as he graces the stage. Bobby is used to being in front of thousands and performing well. This time he'll be singing not just relocating the ball into the net when it's needed the most.


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