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Knowa (pronounced noah) is synonymous with spiritual water 9th Dynasty is two elements combined to make one powerful entity.9 represents birth or something being brought forth. Dynasty is defined as a succession of rulers. The two combined represents something being brought forth to rule, that something is intellect superceded by vision or foresight.
This album has been two years in the making and
financed by releasing a single locally called " High Stakes" only a couple of hundred units were sold but it served two purposes; first it enabled me to pay for studio time as well
as promotional items, secondly I gained exposure enabling me to perform throughout the Tidewater and Peninsula region (Virginia) leaving crowd intrigued by the wordsmanship.
The release of the album "1 life 1 love 1 twenty" has taken things to new heights
For those out on the west coast check me out on smooth music video show or the nation to nation tour which will end in ghana west africa
"1 life 1 love 1 twenty" will be heard and available everywhere soon since a distribution deal was just offered (along with national promotion).
I was inspired by lyricist such as Grand Master Cass,grand puba maxwell
KRS-1, Rakim, Black Thought, Prince Poetry, and Pharaoh. I have developed a rapid fire style bombarding mentals with intellect ,metaphors and reality.
The 11 songs are angled to appeal to everyone from the thuggish of thugs to the Most studious of scholars. "1 life, 1 love, 1 twenty" is a mirro

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