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9 Castle Close is a Dayton/Cincy-based Celtic Rock band that began in 2008 and was met with enormous success. Within a few months 9CC was blowing the roof off the local pubs and playing to standing-room-only crowds. Despite being virtually unheard of 9CC was accepted to music festivals, where even the top bands such as Gaelic Storm and Slide took notice of the band's incredible sound.

The diverse backgrounds and exceptional musical talent of the band has produced an incredibly tight sound with a broad range of styles ranging from edgy traditional Irish songs to Paddy rock punk to modern rock to their own originals and instrumentals driven by one of the areas top bagpipers that deliver a punch like a Mike Tyson uppercut! Despite 9CC's edgy rock style, the heart and soul of the Irish and Scottish music tradition remains at the center of a hard-hitting show. From the opening set, 9CC kicks it into high gear and sets the stage on fire with lightning-fast reels on the pipes, followed through with foot-stomping jigs & hornpipe sets and original and original versions of traditional songs that will have the crowd AND YOU on your feet dancing and singing

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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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