Jason Salzman and Fran Snyder, two unique songwriter-performers, create a wide variety of music that tastes like honey and sticks like glue.

Fran Snyder is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter. Remaining fiercely independent for a decade, he has sold thousands of CDs, performing clubs, colleges, and halls. Jason Salzman cut his teeth playing in pits for broadway-style productions and rocking out in front of huge crowds with successful touring rock acts. They both have extensive recording, writing, and performance credits.

In 2006, they are making their extensive catalogue available to for synchronization and licensing purposes. In this abbreviated list, you'll find acoustic pop, modern rock, unique children's music, as well as bed clips of hip-hop, R&B and bossa nova. Please inquire if you'd like a custom track created especially for your project. Their combined experience makes your choices limitless.

salzmusic.com - Jason Salzman
fransnyder.com - Fran Snyder

Fran Snyder

In regards to Fran's live performances...

"...doesn't explore the navel too much onstage, rocks..." - Decatur Arts Festival

"...can rev it up in a way few performers can" - Auburn Moon

"...songs go beyond the heartfelt, almost spiritual." Jam Magazine

Voted "Best Solo Act" and "Best Overall Performer" from the mid-to-late 1990s in Jam Magazine and Creative Loafing, and ASCAP has awarded Snyder their "Special Pop Music Award" for four years running.www.fransnyder.com for more...

Salzmusic Productions

Sting, Peter Gabriel, John Mayer


Moe's, Larry's Ice Cream, Tampa Bay Lightning, Wendy's, and more.

A meeting of the musical minds..

Jason and Fran met in Atlanta, when Fran needed to add some long overdue weirdness to his recordings. He had heard rumors of a strange guitarist that had the un-canny ability to disappear into a track - adding that certain something that no one dares speak of, but everyone knows it's there. Some people call it "It." But this is no "It" you can find on ebay. You can only find it in the humbucking pick-ups of Jason's guitar.

The project was called Six Strings and Vinyl, and the result was a combination of acoustic and urban sounds never heard before.

Since then, the two have collaborated on many projects, including "Five Little Monkeys and Other Kidstuff," one of the best selling independent children's records.

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