Nene is lead singer/songwriter and backing guitarist. She has a classical music background in theory, composition, and vocals, and a Bachelor's degree in U.S. law. A list of accreditation to her law career in the video games industry can be found on IMDB as "Anethea Veenman-Hodges". When she isn't focused on music, she advances her literary career and Digital Age Cozy™ brand with the Marjorie Gardens Mystery series, under the nom de plume "A. E. H. Veenman"

Jess (Jessica L. Morrison) is a talented singer/songwriter all on her own, and lead guitarist for 3RD Season. She has a background in classical guitar to strum along with her Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland. She's resided in California and Berlin, where she gigged local circuits before settling in Amsterdam.

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