28th & Tivoly is an American Producer/Songwriter whose real name Harold Tillery. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland where he got his first introduction to music at a very young age. When Harold was about six or seven years old he was in a break-dance group called the Charm City Rockers. Harold moved on from dancing and started to love the art of being a DJ (Disk Jockey). By early 2000's Harold had been reintroduced to the music industry when long time friend Bloonz Billionfold ask him to manage his career. Harold has now worked on several different projects with Artists such as Bloonz, Teah Philani, Drea Love, Rocmore, Zo Dinero, Cherae Leri and a host of other up and coming artists. Harold has credits on Allmusic.com and Discog.org as a record label and as mixing and mastering engineer on projects from Leo Torintino, Lawdi , Sacs Fifth and a few others.

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28th & Tivoly has recently released the Album EP "Odell's Fantasies In A Paradox Full Of HammerJacks" through The Orchard a Division of Sony Music Entertainment via Investing Black Records Inc. The project is available everywhere for stream and download.
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