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At first, Clem Snide's arch The Ghost of Fashion sounds like the work of a countrified novelty-song act: There are jokey titles ("Joan Jett of Arc," "Ancient Chinese Secret Blues"), unhinged metaphors ("Tonight I feel like Elvis longing for his long-lost twin") and moments when a nondescript Nashville two-step is enlivened by such pearls of wisdom as "love is only for the lovely." But there's poignance behind the punch lines: Singer-songwriter Eef Barzelay pushes his twisted tales right to the Stephen Malkmus edge of absurdity; just when you start rolling your eyes, he drops in a line like, "The highway is a ribbon, it makes a gift of everything," and sings it like he means it. Almost every track tucks shrewd commentary into gag lines, and when, on the closing waltz, "No One's More Happy Than You," Barzelay sings, "The Stop and Shop is open all night/With a mothering fluorescent light," the not-just-snide genius of Clem Snide becomes clear.



Clem Snide "Soft Spot" official track listing:

Forever Now And Then
Tuesday, October 24th
All Green
Close The Door
Find Love
There Is Nothing
Strong Enough
Happy Birthday
Every Moment


Clem Snide has recently finished up their follow-up to "The Ghost of Fashion." Entitled "Soft Spot," the record encompasses new works from the band and was produced by Joe Chiccarelli. The project was recorded at Brooklyn Recording. The album was recorded and mixed in an entirely analog format.

The band will be heading off on the road in the US in March 2003. "Soft Spot" does not have an official release date in the US. The band is exploring options for distribution outside of North America. Once the record is released, the band will again tour the world to in support.


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Clem Snide is taking the Summer off after a year and a half of touring and hard work. However, the band plans to enter the recording studio in October for its follow-up to The Ghost of Fashion." The band will be recording in Brooklyn, NY - where Eef lives and Eric and Brendan will be living shortly. Jason will be coming back from his extended stay in France to work on the record as well.

In other news, the band re-recorded "A Song for Bob Crane" for the upcoming Paul Schraeder bio-pic "Auto-Focus." The film stars Greg Kinner and Willem Dafoe and will be released through Sony Pictures Classics in Octo

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