A melodic mix of Rock and Alternative sounds that will blow your
mind with "Powerful vocals,.. catchy riffs and amazing
energy on stage!". - A.J. Styles Y-105 FM Dubuque.

‘WINEGARDEN’, a four piece ROCK BAND hailing from Iowa City, IA is a dynamic and driven force plowing their way through the music scene making even the toughest critics admire their work. 'Winegarden' proved this fact by winning The Top Rock Band Award at the New York International Music Festival held in Las Vegas, NV July of 2003.

WINEGARDEN has been compared to such National Acts like:
Alice In Chains

Even with these complementary comparisons, WINEGARDEN truly has a sound of their own.
Originally forming in the Spring of 2000, with hopes of 'taking over the world', WINEGARDEN has forged through many obstacles to make their now rock solid line-up complete.
Make sure you check them out LIVE so you can understand why the dream of 'taking over the world' is not so far away!
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