Warseid is an independent folk metal act from Madison, Wisconsin. The group was formed in 2008, and has always included many symphonic elements with their somewhat traditional sound. Their lyrical themes range from nature, to mythology and fantasy, often presented with very dark tones.

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Of the bands that begin in high school, very few remain intact after graduation. For most, it's just something to do on the weekends and brag about, and those who do survive beyond the end of school are often dismissed due to their age and lack of experience. There are few however, that continue on to greatness. Warseid (war-sayde) is one such band that has shown that even young musicians can write music with just as much adeptness as any others.

In late 2008, Logan Smith (vocals, guitar) began writing folk metal under the name Varangian Guard. He soon realized the project's potential, and recruited drummer Kellan Hilscher, bassist Kyle Cushman, and guitarist Brandon Salaway in February 2009 to self-record the 'Winter Legions demo'. After being released for free and promoted extensively online, the three-track demo was met with praise among fellow musicians in Madison. Shortly after the recording, the four changed their name to Warseid to represent the birth of a new band, and Joe Meland (keyboard, accordion) was added to provide a new, symphonic layer to their music. Now with five members, the group began to promote themselves through local shows, trying to maintain an equilibrium between school and music.

When listeners began urging the band to release more of their music, Warseid recorded and released their second CD, 'Autumn Winds', in April 2010. Much like the previous demo, it consisted of three tracks, was released for free online, but was met with even higher praise. Ultimately, 'Autumn Winds' helped Warseid gain the status to play bigger concerts, like UW-Madison's GRAMPSfest.

With numerous shows played, as well as the inevitable leaving of lead guitarist Brandon Salaway, Warseid have released their first EP entitled, 'Sentry': an 8-track behemoth delivering bone-crushing symphonic folk metal. As King Luke from Coils of the Serpent puts it, "Warseid are fluently bridging the gap between folk and black metal in a very respectable and enjoyable way, by creating ambitious metal inspired by all of the essential masters."

By endlessly working to bring their passion to the forefront of the local scene, and with relentless determination and tenacity to become some of the best at what they do, Warseid have proven that they are an up-and-coming band worthy of keeping an eye on.

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As an Opeth/Katatonia freak of many years, great to hear an awesome folk/metal band on broadjam! Love the songs

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Thank you, man! We really appreciate the support and the comparison!

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