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“A band with substance, and an angst that is ‘quite real’-it’s scary” Joe Matera – Mixdown Magazine.
“Waik are one of the most original and exciting nu-metal bands in Australia” Stuart Stuart – Chartsong Productions

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‘Waik’ is an emotionally charged Progressive_Nu-Metal Band from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
In July of 2002 ‘Waik’ completed their new three song demo CD, recorded by Stuart Stuart of ‘Chartsong Productions’ in Brisbane, Australia.
‘Chartsong’ listen to more than 80 demo tapes per month, and act as an independent A&R company, selecting the two best artists for development, recording and promotion to contacts at labels.
‘Waik’ were selected on the basis of their hit potential, visual appeal, song writing ability and attitude. All ‘Chartsong’ acts are chosen on this basis and have been developed specifically with the current commercial music market in mind.
This demo CD will be used for local, domestic and international radio air play. A further three to four songs will be added within six months, changing the demo into an EP, which will be sold at live performances and retail outlets.

‘Waik’ originally formed in January 2000 under the name of ‘karnevil’. But due to the changing of bass players and the confusion created when pronouncing the name ‘karnevil’ (carnival), the band decided to uproot and make the name change. There also seemed to be a misconception (created by the ‘evil’ in the name) that ‘karnevil’ was in a Death Metal or Hard Core genre, which is a large misrepresentation of the band’s sound.
All members of ‘Waik’, apart from Damian (Drums) who was originally from Mackay in Queensland, are from the Wollongong area. Simon (Gui

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