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John has the wicked sense of humor in the group. He also keeps the band in suspense, arriving at shows 15 minutes before curtain. Then he cooly sets up his bass gear and he's ready to play.

Allen is the type of guitarist that must start plugging in gear about noontime to be ready for a show. But the wall of sound he builds will surround you for days. A recording engineer and producer, he is now mixing the upcoming Violet Edge CD Killing Time, having created Space Recording Studio in the process.

Greg claims that he's "just the drummer", but that's true only if drumming includes songwriting, arranging, producing and engineering. His drumming is very powerful and he's fantastic to watch play live.

Friends who have known Christina for years are still amazed to see her transformation when singing. "Often people underestimate me because I am so quiet in daily life, and I let them. It makes it all the more fun to surprise them later."

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