Burn the Money

Set in the not too distant future the American dollar is everything. States of America formed a rebellion and split off from the rest of the country becoming their own country: Larmesica. Several years after the "Great Divide" President Richard Méchant of Larmesica rules with greed and fear. Every day Larmesicans are forced into a more totalitarian society. Meanwhile a group of anti-capitalists disturb their government by forming a campaign against money. The leader of the BTM Movement, Joseph Broyles becomes obsessed with restoring balance for his family and his country. The only way to survive is to stop believing lies. #btm #burnthemoney https://www.facebook.com/JoeyBroylesOfficial https://twitter.com/joeybroyles

Director Robin Lin
Credits Joey Broyles -- Burn the Money: http://bit.ly/19Iozsx Film/Music video by Joey Broyles performing "Burn the Money" ©2014 Project Famous Films/NueveCine Directed by Robin Lin Written by Joey Broyles
Associated Song Burn the Money

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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