Ive Decided

With the driving Latin rhythms and no nonsense lyrics of "Ive Decided", Pianist/Singer/Songwriter Heather Edwards stakes her claim with the songs music video on the dream of every woman---to be who, and do what, she wants. As three seemingly average women wait for a stage show in a low rent theater, each clearly unsure of their own possibilities, a mystical entity some might imagine as "force of will" overcomes each of them. As a magical, dance-filled and kinetic spectacle explodes onto the stage, we see the performers as the embodiment of what each audience member could be. So entranced and overcome, each of the three inspired audience members jumps at the chance that anything is possible and to be that new, determined and decided woman.

Director Marc Raco
Credits Direction & Editing by Marc Raco Camerawork by Mike Dispenza Choreography by Tatiana Keegan & Maranda Folmer Make-up & Hair by Aeriel Payne Music & Lyrics Written & Arranged by Heather Edwards

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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