The Coeur dAlene Suite 05 The Miners

The Coeur dAlene High School String Ensemble, conducted by Jim Phillips, performs The Coeur dAlene Suite 05 The Miners 4:03 The next group of immigrants to North Idaho were the miners represented in a slow movement representing the tedium of Prospecting, which involves long hours, weeks and months of tedious, back-breaking work with little immediate reward. Finally, Noah Kelloggs Mule Strikes Silver is represented by a joyous, celebratory dance. However, the prosperous times followed by the discovery of silver, gold, lead and zinc in North Idaho was punctuated by dangerous times including the Miners going On Strike, introduced by a syncopatic rhythm, which depicts strike culminating in the blowing up of the Bunker Hill mine by miners commandeering a train, filling it with dynamite and demolishing the Bunker Hill mine in 1899. Arranged for brass quintet, string orchestra, string quintet and full orchestra versions.

Director Jim Phillips
Credits Composer - Gary A. Edwards Conductor - Jim Phillips Orchestra - The Coeur dAlene High School String Ensemble Venue - Coeur dAlene High School

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