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Elliot Sokolovs original score for the groundbreaking documentary film "Kings Park: Stories From an American Mental Institution," directed by Lucy Winer, produced by Wildlight Productions, Inc. On June 21, 1967, at the age of 17, Lucy Winer was committed to the female violent ward of Kings Park State Hospital following a series of failed suicide attempts. Over 30 years later, now a veteran documentary filmmaker, Lucy returns to Kings Park for the first time since her discharge. Her journey back sparks a decade-long effort to face her past and learn the story of the now abandoned institution that once held her captive. Her meetings with other former patients, their families, and the hospital staff reveal the painful legacy of our state hospital system and the crisis left by its demise.

Director Lucy Winer
Credits Elliot Sokolov, keyboards, guitars, electronics. music copyright (c) 2011 Elliot Sokolov / User Friendly Music. All rights reserved. For more info:

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