Jewish Guy (parody of John Lennons "Jealous Guy")

Bruce Lev is himself a Jewish guy and hence knows and understands all the "minutia" of what its like to be a Jewish guy growing up and living in America. This parody makes fun of many of the more humorous aspects of American Jewish life, and which many in the American Jewish community have been making fun of themselves (about) over the past century. This music video parody was made not only to have some fun with these chosen aspects of American Jewish life, but also to once again make note of the engrained humor that Jewish people have within themselves and their culture, which has been one of the most enduring and important traits of the Jewish people throughout their history... and to which has helped carry them through nearly 6000 years of existence.

Director Bruce Lev
Credits Bruce Lev; LevSongs Productions; Arrowhead Studios; Brannu Studios

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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