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Steve Mandato on bass.

Song Description

Boy fantasizes about girl...sort of

Song Length 4:26 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Adorable Subject Falling in Love, Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists Phil Collins, All Time Low Language English
Era 2000 and later



In my mind I see a girl
She's on a whirl
She drives me crazy
She's on my mind
It's all the time
She drive?s me crazy

Anytime, anyhow, anywhere
I got your number
I hold it right in my hand
Anytime, anyhow, anywhere
I got your number
I hold it right in my hand

Now it's clear
She's not sincere
She don't remember
But I do
Now I am here so dry your tears
And stop your fears
And just remember

Anytime, anyhow, anywhere
I got your number
I hold it right in my hand
Anytime, anyhow, anywhere
I got your number
I hold it right in my hand

Love the way you have the guitar and bass working together at the beginning - it works great! Great instrumentation throughout. Great vocals too.
Sound reminds me of... what Prince could have written if he sang with Journey? I dig it a lot! It's really tight.

Really great song with great energy. Kinda reminds me of a song that might have been released in the 70s/80s. Super funky bass, great effects and solid playing all around. It sounds like it could have been recorded a long time ago, but the recording quality is pretty solid. Very catchy song too. Could almost hear it as some kind of theme song to a show.

I love the hooky nature of this song.Perfect for music licensing.Could fit in a movie like "The Mighty Ducks" or "Weird Science" or even a Marvel Movie action/travel scene. Great stuff!!
LC Team

Very RHCP-ish
great bass & drum tracks
Catchy, real good vocals
cool guitar playing

Full on Rocker! Love the Drums setting the pace and beat well. Great Vocal and the song is a well Balanced Production. Keep rocking!

This writer has created an excellent hook! The composition is fantastic. Love the crystal clear vocals and creative instrumentation. The main idea comes across perfectly. He likes her. He has her number. She's driving him crazy. Now that's right to the point. Sometimes keeping it simple means a clean home run. You nailed this one! Great lead guitar work!

This is a hot song. I want to dance

Overall a solid tune with very solid performances vocally and instrumentation wise. The mix sounded pretty well balanced. The song kept my attention from the start with the opening bass line and held it till the end. I liked the vocalists style. It definitely reminded me of something out of the late 90's or early 2000's. Maybe a little INXS in there which is in my opinion always a good thing. Keep it up.

Great bass opening hook. The slap bass is very powerful throughout and really drives the song. Great tempo, instrumentation and vocals. Well constructed song, I would listen to more from this band. Superior talent for sure.

terrific! killer right from the jump - great slappin' bass, cool groove - nice guitar tone.

Pro production - strong hook, nice vocals and lyrics - loved the breakdown chorus

reminds me very much of Lenny Kravitz both in style and vocal phrasing.

smoking guitar solo as well.

Very Pop-friendly rocker with a cool vibe. Interesting vocal fits the song well, and it was just a fun listen even at 4:25 in length. At times I heard influences from Prince, Power Station and Jon Butcher. Particularly 90's kind of sound, but for me that's good thing. I liked it a lot.

This rocks! Great vibe with a solid rhythm section backing a cool vocalist in the same vein as some of Prince's catalog. Nice job! Looking forward to hearing more!

Love it!!!! Sweet bass licks and attitude!! Reminded me of some Wendy and Lisa stuff mixed in with some Francis Dunnery (It Bites). Also reminds me of one of my favourite recent bands The 1975 - you know them right? If not check them out.

power bass...this ROCKS!!! heavy but still POP....

Catchy little number. Like it alot. Definately has market potential even just for song sales. Good Work!!!

Very cool and professional arrangement. Instrumentation is very original and the guitar work is great, including the bass intro.
Very tight presentation. Vocals very strong.

Great bass sound in the intro. The vocals are very clear and they sit well in the mix. Very interesting arrangement. The guitar solo is very cool with a modern tone.

This is a very good straight ahead rock track with solid musicianship, vocals, & overall production!

Really nice guitar work, tight vocals, very good arrangement and no weaknesses anywhere in performance or writing. Lyrics and melody are catchy although I couldn't grasp all of the lyrics. Has originality and can hear this song in the background of a film/TV series. Also great for a live rock band. Nice job.

This is absolutely class (just in case there is confusion here it's an Irish expression for very good!) . I have actually heard this before but don't know the artist. It's just so catchy right from the start, instrumentation is brilliant. The main riff is absolutely excellent. Reminds me of RHCP or someone similar, love this, all the best to you.

Love the bass intro, good voice, good drums, good guitars. It's all good and tight. Nice job, keep rocking!

Cool bass riff in this song. Interesting washed out tone choice for the guitar. This song kind of had a little bit of an 80's vibe to it. Really cool synth hits around 2:45 too, interesting unique sound. Nice solo during these break downs too! I love the weird synth stuff at the end too. Great work.

pretty good, good voice, professional sound, catchy song. probably famous by now

I really like the vocals, singer has a great voice..Interesting groove and feel, kinda prince like in a way. A mix of pop, techno and progressive Rock, I like it..

Lyrics Fred Kimmel Music Fred Kimmel
Producer Fred Kimmel Publisher Wuj Productions (ASCAP)
Performance Fred Kimmel Label Wuj Productions
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