Song Length 3:37 Genre Electronic - Downbeat, Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Welcoming, Sociable Era 2000 and later

This song is an interesting production. A real ear-tingler. For some reason it comes across really clear in my headphones...not sure what kind of techniques were used here, but they are effective. I love the sounds you used in this song. Very innovative.

I think that the mood is outstanding. Very interesting working out of lines, chords instrumentation but nothing interrupts that good vibe sound. Ver enjoyable.

I love it... I want to dance

just great playings keep it up like that and believe at your self

Interesting choice of lead/melodic part it makes it a bit science fictionish. I liked the arrangement you did an excellenct job on playing the parts.

Cool. You should find opportunities in commercials, corporate music, film, television. Great job.

I love the way the song starts out with the drums and percussion instruments, I also like the way the keyboards were introduced - very cool special effects as well.

I loved the jazzy elements in the tune. The percussion is nicely done also. Superb bass line. The changes at 1.05 and 1.52 come in at just the right points. The whole thing has a great ambience. Crystal clear sound. Great mix.

I like the ethnic sounds used. The mix of bass drum and bass is interesting to me. Almost soothing...

Music Fred Kimmel, Sali Oguri Producer Frred Kimmel
Publisher WUJ Productions Performance Fred Kimmel, Sali Oguri
Label WUJ Productions
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