Always Beautiful

Story Behind The Song

You are always beautiful!

Song Description

Why is it that beautiful people never know how beautiful they really are?

Song Length 3:22 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Adorable Subject Attracted, Crush, General
Similar Artists Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel Language English
Era 2000 and later


Move into the bright lights
Let me see your face once more
You look like sugar baby
I see your picture in the picture book smiling at me
Making me feel alive again

'Cause you're always there
Pretty as a picture, yes you are
You're always

Takin' me, takin' me away with your face
It's prettier than coffee and cake
Soulmate - Let's stay up late
And I'll walk a hundred miles in the rain
Just to hear you call my name again

Always there
Oh, you're prettier than a picture, yes you are, you?re always
Oh you're beautiful
You are always beautiful - You're always -
Yes, you are
Bringin' me the picture, Givin' me the friction,
You are my addiction - yes you are
You are always

You are always beautiful
You are always beautiful

Always there - Always
You are always beautiful

Look in the mirror then you will know
You're beautiful I know
Beautiful people never know

First, look at the lyrics. Okay? You think you're in for something soft and fluffy? NOPE..SURPRISE! And that's the delightful, fun, and engaging thing about this song. Terrific pop melody with gruff, loud, expressive vocals. Instruments are a great blend of crunching guitars and soft synths, and other sonic sounds that will entertain you. It's a terrific, fun pop song of crazy infatuation!

Always There, very huge potential for this one...Could fit nicely into a teen movie like "Teen wolf" or "fast Time At Ridgemont High"! Great stuff

Great energy in the vocals, lots of variety in the musical arrangement and vocals. Lots of musical interest, surprises and ideas, all working well.

Great tune, cool vibe. good song structure ,nice concept.
nice vocals & harmonies. decent mix
very cool stuff. want to hear more

Really nice intro. I like the offbeat rhythmic qualities of the song. The contrast between the spiky verses and the melodic 'You are always' chorus works really well. The chorus is very catchy. Superb change for the bridge at 1.47. Anthemic and dynamic outro. Strong vocal performance. Beautifully crafted lyrics - simple but effective.

You surprised me by the abrupt change from the into into the David Bowie-esque vocals. But then as the song trekked forward I realized the song would contain many sharpp turns and curves. Great harmonies towards the end. Unique to say the least

Pop music with a gruff lead vocal--interesting.

Man, I really love the driving beat especially right at the beginning of the song, great vocals, wonderful instrumentation, the arrangement is just Awesome - it sounds a bit like the Sweet.

Really good sound with top-notch arrangement and great harmonies. Both instrumentation and vocals are great. Very good production and melodies.

Really good lyrics for this genre. The vocal was great as
well as the arrangement. Interesting instrumental style.

I really liked the intro, t kept me interested. When the hook came in it was a certain uplift and very strong. I enjoyed the middle break too. The vocal layers were effective as well. Nice tune and well done. There is some market potential there for sure with that strong hook. Good luck!

Very nice intro. - Cool tones in the guitar and bass. Can really feel
the vibration. Musical interlude at 1:50 is really killer.
The song has a Jimmy Eat World feel to it in some parts.

There's a lot to this track production wise. Musically and vocal dynamics . Part indie rock with catchy pop and alternative undertones .
Quite diverse in style.

Very nice guitar lick in beginning. You got it goin on. Very nice. Nice original idea.

This song has an energy that grabs you. Nice hook with lyrics and vocals that work well together. The instrumental break provides dynamics that accentuates the energy that leads into a key change that captivates the listener to keep listening. The background harmony arrangement is creative and nicely done. Well written, arranged, and performed song.

Like the guitar, nice vocal, good job1

Lyrics Fred Kimmel Music Fred Kimmel
Producer Fred Kimmel Publisher Wuj
Performance Fred Kimmel, Sali Oguri Label Wuj
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