Five Lanes of Traffic

Song Length 3:37 Genre Country - Alternative


Five Lanes of Traffic

I really shouldn't be standing here
By a blown out tire in the dirty grass
You might say that this is dangerous
With the cars and the trucks all whizzing past...

I really shouldn't be chancing this
I should run back home like a good girl would
You might say that this is reckless
Yeah, well a little bit of wreck might do me good.

There's only one thing for me to do
I'm going walking on Highway Two...

Crossing Five Lanes of Traffic ...

Ok I made it to the slow lane
That wasn't hard at all, just a stroll in the park
The yellow line is like a tightrope
I could stay right here til it gets dark

and everyone is swerving and cussin' mad
And there's a chorus of horns like an Angel Band

Crossing Five Lanes of Traffic
To get to you.

Right after this schoolbus
And before that Ford I could make it through
And I could see you on the other side
If this damned RV would quit blocking my view
Now I'm standing in the center lane
And my heart like a piston, pumping hard
Semi, semi, car, car, car,
motorcycle, car, dump truck, car

And if I'm gonna do it, gotta do it now
Ain't no turning back, anyhow...

Crossing Five Lanes of Traffic

And there you are by the billboard
And you're smiling at me
You're just about to open out your arms
And I don't know if it's a dream or some fantasy
It doesn't matter anyway. I'm gonna get there someday.

I'm crossing....

Lyrics Whit Hill Music Whit Hill
Producer Whit Hill Publisher Pook Music
Performance Whit Hill and the Postcards Label Home Run Records
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