Launch Campaign

Story Behind The Song

Watched the midnight lineups for the Warcraft video game release on the news a few month's did higher sales in several hours than most blockbuster film's do during a theatrical run...that is some audience and some brand...and just maybe...some addiction...clearly hundreds of the thousands lined up? Didn't get out much.

Song Description

Just listen.....21st century update of a sad and recurring social phenomenon

Song Length 4:05 Genre Rock - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Disturbed


Social media equipped
I hold my xbox like a crucifix
I've twittered up, now I'm twittered out
The line is long but there is no doubt

This is my ultimate launch campaign
Only minutes till I play the game
With everyone here at the launch campaign
Nothings ever gonna be the same...again

The doors have opened and I'm closer now
crowd inches forward and my hand slides down
We start to move as we march inside
to the waiting game's access denied

This is their ultimate launch campaign
Only minutes till they're in the game
Here at the ultimate launch campaign
nothings ever, ever gonna be the same...again

Is that buzz killer number 23?
Played him before, does he recognize me?
I take my stance with a hunter's poise
Point, pull repeat till a siren's noise....beckons me

This is his ultimate launch campaign
Only seconds till he ends the game
A once in a lifetime launch campaign
Nothing ever, ever's gonna be the same...again

Lyrics William Nygren Music William Nygren, David Findlay
Producer David Findlay Publisher none
Performance Truth Panel Label none

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