Resuscitate (edit)

Story Behind The Song

Based upon an actual event. Suspecting infidelity, I crouched behind a boyfriend's bushes, and watched as he made out with another girl. Later, when he tried to explain his actions after being confronted about the indiscretion, I realized our relationship had flat-lined. - Kaila

Song Description

trippy, moody, and darkly funky

Song Length 4:23 Genre Electronic - Trip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Similar Artists Garbage Language English
Era 2000 and later


Crawling on the earthen floor ? no obstructed view
I?ve found the perfect space to witness ? see what?s really true
Got no incriminating evidence ? nothing to take with me
But this ?oh so precious? moment ? branded in my memory

Suspicion hanging in the air
I have to breathe though I?m smothering in your deception
Don?t let this be the death of our love
Can you resuscitate my love?
Can you replenish every drop of my desire?
Can you resurrect my trust?
Can you filter every breath that you inspire?

Collective thoughts now making sense - Besieged by my worst fear
I now abandon my defense ? your voice is soft but clear
Choking on each syllable ? your confession invades my mind
And my love is quickly dying - from the truth you leave behind

Lyrics Kaila Brasell Music Bobby R/Kaila Brasell
Producer Bobby R Publisher Dr. Indicatti/BMI
Performance Triprocket Label 10th Planet
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