Trepanation Blues

Story Behind The Song

Trepanation has been called "an alternative medical approach toward mental well-being", but, in laymans' terms - it is the act of drilling a hole into one's head in order to increase blood flow to the brain in an attempt to create a euphoric, more cerebral feeling. The song is arranged in a way to tell the story of someone experiencing the feelings that would drive them to undergo such a procedure, the actual prodecure itself, and then resolving back into hopeless realization of life an its impracticalities.

Song Description

This song is arranged to tell the story of someone undergoing a Trepaning procedure in hopes of acheiving some sort of mental stability. The beginning creates a feeling of sadness, linliness and despair. The middle of the compostion illustrates the actual desperation of resorting to such means. Toward the end of the song, the subject eventually resolves back in to a realization of what created such a taxing situation in the first place, the discovery of a new way to cope.

Song Length 6:00 Genre Rock - Funk, Blues - Rock
Tempo Multiple Tempos Mood Serene, Uptight
Subject Loneliness, Spirituality Similar Artists Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd
Language English Era 2000 and later


No lyrics necessary. An epic aural journey through lonliness, saddness,despair , faint hope, and then back to lonliness.

Music Tobias Producer Tobias
Publisher Tobias Performance Tobias
Label Hole In My Head Records
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