Dreadful News From a Recently Refurbished Garage

Story Behind The Song

Old Girlfriend Hits the Skids

Song Description

Living in a down-and-out garage setting after a break-up.

Song Length 4:48 Genre Blues - Chicago, Unique - Avant garde
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gloomy, Depressing Subject Crime, Theft, Addiction
Similar Artists Tom Waits, ZZ Top Language English
Era 2000 and later


I heard you're doin well and livin large in a garage over on 4th and Easy Street
Smilin at every stranger and pettin every dog you meet

Slim Jim and Cadillac Jack said you wore a smile that looked suspiciously authentic
and ruby "no place like home" slippers you got from "Own It Now or Rent It"

But it's all Dreadful news from some recently refurbished garage

Your drug store palszie walszies and those phonies you left me for
are talking big and spinnin tales about what they have in store
They said your breath could crack the sidewalk
and you winked when you should have cried

And you told the truth to everyone baby when you know you should've lied

And it's such such Dreadful News, such Dreadful News from some recently refurbished garage

Your end table from Ethan Allen leans awkwardly on and '83 Impala
And that Lava Lamp we got from Aunt Fran you pawned it for a lonely crumpled dolla
and you're usin empty Dinty Moore cans for ashtrays /slash/ dinnerware
and when you get an urge or notion you just change your mind and sit and stare cuz you don't want to waste a single motion

And it's all such Dreadful News, Dreadful News from some recently refurbished garage

That Buddha you got for Christmas sits smiling at a can of Pennzoil 10w30

And his belly is adjacent to a book entitled "Jokes You Can Tell Your Mother Even Though They're Dirty"

They said you looked content and downright smug
-enjoying the moment's ride
But if you looked through your paper front, baby - they could see the other side

And it's all such Dreadful News, Dreadful News from that recently refurbished garage

And all this dreadful news is tragic - but what's even sadder still - is how much I love and miss you baby and guess I always will

But it's all such Dreadful News, Dreadful News from that recently refurbished garage

You are a seasoned musical artist with an original expression, who now needs to find a clever way to market your many talents.

Tom Bocci

That's Chicago Blues at it's best. Great job. Nice Blues feel. I loved it

keep rocking and recording.

cool blues. quality in everyway from the deep spoken style grit of the vocal to the splendid backing music that supports the lyrics with class. would work well in a movie this song.

Lyrics Tony DiPofi Music Tony DiPofi
Producer Tony DiPofi and Andrew Pulver Performance Tony DiPofi - Vocals, Tim Haak - Guitar, Ed Jarosz - Saxophone, Lindsay Feuling - Saxophone
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