Royals Fanfare

Story Behind The Song

Grade level 4 (out of 6) concert band piece.

Song Description

1. Royal's Fanfare 2. Fair Maiden's Song 3. Jester's Dance

Song Length 1:06 Genre Classical - Post-Romantic, Classical - Renaissance
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Exultant, In High Spirits

Nice arrangement! Also a great production!

just a simple work of genius, so simpl hat any other genius would probably appluad, and im sure they do here, because the artistic lack of room sace, or hall effect, this dry-as-a-bone work of passion, this deeply moving progression of two chords, this resonating emotion found in those brass instruments, is so almost overpoweringly beautiful that the genius who created this needn't have let it go on any longer, because true classical compositions like this happen so very rarely, and the idea that a concept such as this, an expression of such magnitude, could ehibit such, shall we say, attitiude, that even I, a simple un-genius, can benefit just from knowing that, somewhere, out there, a composer knew how to turn on his brass section and record such a work, and it still has that this-is-in-my-own-head approach, meaning it still sounds like its in a sace that small, this lack of roominess, which is obviously what you were going for, because its pretty obvious to any listener that you didnt want your orchestra to sound like it was anwhere but there, in your own head, with no epansion into a concert hall, or a shopping mall, or even a church, or room of any type, absolute genius

Music tom Lazarich Publisher Shawnee Press
Performance Shawnee Press Symphonic Band
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Classical - Post-Romantic #4
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