Coffee Shop

Song Description

Noticing someone in a coffee shop & wanting to get to know them...

Song Length 3:31 Genre Spoken Word - Experimental, Spoken Word - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Composed, Sociable Subject Restaurants, Coffee, Tea
Language English Era 2000 and later


I'm sitting in this coffee shop
The mirror behind the counter
gives me a perfect view of you

amidst the people talking
tapping their spoons
on the rims of the cups
after the stirring is done
hurried feet of waitresses
the frothing sound of the Cappuccino machine

I could still hear the turning of the door knob
as you came in through the beveled wooden door

I watched you in the mirror
as you took a seat in a chair
at the table by the window
I saw you smile

da da ... I'd like to get to know you

as the waitress came to greet you
at the table by the window
you had your glasses on

while waiting for your coffee
you looked out of the window
watching all the movement
on the street outside
you seemed mesmerized
like you were lost in time
remembering a scene you were a part of
in long long ago


suddenly your attention is diverted
as i hear the door knob for a second time
you smile in recognition of this person
who has entered the coffee shop
& you wave to them

your eyes sparkle as you enjoy their company
I wondered as you both sat talking
what you could be talking about
if i were a friend of yours
what would we talk about
as I sat in the chair across from you?
a funny happenstance?
Discussing things we have in common
or laughing together as friends do

da da... I'd like to be your friend

ah but you don't see me in the mirror
you don't watch my nuances
you don't notice me as I walk out the door
You don't see me from your table by the window
at the coffee shop with the beveled wooden door
but I see you and your reflection in the mirror
& I take delight in just watching you smile

da da.. I wish you'd want to know me...someday

Lyrics Teri Norton Feaser Music Luciano Martella
Publisher Luciano Martella Performance Teri Norton Feaser Luciano Martella
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