Raise The Net

Story Behind The Song

This project was conceived by Rich Bodmer of Nascar. His vision was to combine Nascar and Malaria No More to raise malaria awareness along with the money necessary to buy protective nets, so he asked us to write the song.

Song Description

A world plea to eradicate Malaria.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Folk - Country, Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Troubled, Diplomatic
Subject Hope, Diseases Similar Artists Amy Grant, Joan Osborne
Language English Era 2000 and later


© Witzel/Sutton/DeMaria

Verse 1:
A worried man kneels down to pray
His precious boy was born today
So many dreams he had for him
But dreams can't save West Nile's children

Woa -oh -oh- oh- a fever's raging
Yeah-Yeah Yeah- the clock is racing...


Why can't we
Over each baby's bed
Over each tiny head
'til we can say for sure
Malaria No More

Verse 2:
Near a Kenyan swamp by a setting sun
A girl digs the grave for her infant son
Then she holds her child for the final time
Begging God to explain why

Woa- oh -oh-oh-oh- what we're not facing
Yeah-Yeah Yeah- the clock's just racing...

Why can't we
Over each baby's bed
Over each tiny head
'til we can say for sure
Malaria No More

We tuck our kids in bed at night- and switch off our T.V.s
As their worst nightmare's taking flight- spreading the disease

Why can't we
Over each baby's bed
Over each tiny head
'til we can say for sure
Malaria No More
Malaria No More
Malaria No More

Good song to use for awareness campaign, very pleasant vocal like the ending with choir voices?

Nice feeling in the performance. The vocals blend well and bring the dynamics up great in the chorus. Has a little Indigo Girls Feel to it. Nice Job!

Immediate thought was patti smith, which is a good thing. I like your voice and loved the harmony in the chorus. The part about the woman at the grave with her child was incredibly moving. This song has a hopeful feeling which i really like. well done

lovely singing. good chorus. well recorded.the backing vocals enhanced the song. the 'choir' ending was a nice addition.

Love the voice and the harmonies

Great voice, great message. Good positive energy.

Very nice listening.

Lyrics Susan Witzel/Julianne Sutton Music Julianne Sutton/Christopher DeMaria
Producer Christopher DeMaria Publisher Positively Susan/ Jonesville/Sonic House
Performance Julianne Sutton/ Maria Adubato/Christopher DeMaria
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Raise The Net

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