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Anxious, is an upbeat, enthusiastic RockFunk song with a sexy swag & danceable groove. Rhythmically entices listeners/audience to get up and dance with a sexy swag movements

Song Description

Anxious, is an upbeat, enthusiastic RockFunk song with a sexy swag & danceable groove. Lyrically about people of the world wanting & needing love. Produced by: Todd Osterhouse, BlueOcean Studios Mastered by: Howie Wienberg, MasterDisk Mastering Executive Producer: Sonny Hunter Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved 1602 Dreamz Publishing 2013, ASCAP

Song Length 2:46 Genre Rock - Funk, Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Anxious, Engaging Subject Searching for Love
Similar Artists Billy Idol, The Cult Language English
Era 2000 and later



Lyrics/Music written by: Dwayne (Sonny) Hunter

Copyright ©1983,© 2012 All Rights Reserved
1602 Dreamz Publishing 2013, ASCAP

Trapped in frantic emotions
Chances are, I, Wont, Recover
Teardrops are falling, People around the world
Want to be Loved

Feeling anxious
The world needs, wants, Love
Baby I'm anxious
We all need, need, Love (Right Here, Right Now)

Got me on my knees, so baby please
This World is hungry, and your Love, is all we need

The hate gotta stop, Hear me out, Your world gonna pop
Love is serious

Baby I'm anxious
I need, need, your Love
Feeling anxious
We all need, want, Love

Baby I'm anxious
I need, need...
(Guitar Solo)

Baby I'm anxious
I need, need ya Love
Feeling Anxious, I need, need, Love

Feeling Anxious, Anxious, Anxious

Copyright ©1983, © 2012 All Rights Reserved
1602 Dreamz Publishing Co. 2013

good overal l production. song has a good beat, agressive good melody and instrumentation.voice suitable for this song

Lyrics Sonny Hunter Music Sonny Hunter
Producer Todd Osterhouse Publisher 1602 Dreamz Publishing
Performance SONNY Label Mastered by: Howie Weinberg
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Rock - Funk #4
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