Story Behind The Song

This piece of music was a particular challenge for me. I had about as much experience writing swing music as Mr. Goodman did with the Metallica catalog! Enter - Richard Perrotta. This Bald, Berkely Badboy took the ball and ran with it (hence the title). W

Song Description

This piece was written deliberately in a pseudo-swing style for the short comedy film, "The Gynecologists", by Adam Dubin.

Song Length 2:36 Genre Jazz - Swing, Jazz - Big Band
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood In High Spirits, Jovial Subject Happiness, Fun
Similar Artists The Benny Goodman Orchestra, Squirrel Nut Zippers Language No Language
Era 1940 - 1949
Music Richard Perrotta, Craig Higgins Producer Craig Higgins, Richard Perrotta
Publisher Richard Perrotta, Craig Higgins Performance Richard Perrotta (guitar) Craig Higgins (piano, bass), Mark Higgins (drums), Earl Higgins (clarinet), Alex Altieri (trumpet), Richard Catania (Trombones),Cindy Keavany (trombone), George Cortes (sax)
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