He's Got a Flame Jessa

Story Behind The Song

It's new for me writing songs for the other gender

Song Description

It's all about the singers feelings about her lover friend

Song Length 2:21 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Bluegrass
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Joyful Subject Falling in Love, Feel, Touch
Similar Artists Jennifer Nettles, Jennifer Nettles


He's Got A Flame

1 He 's got a flame, on his kiss
And when he smiles, he's got a flame, on that 05 124 G
Makes me hot, that burning fire
He's so damn hot, just like forest fire

2. And he burns hotter, than a paper match
Not dispos-able , he was meant to last
Makes me complete, He's, my whole damn world
I think, I'm his, only girl

3. Got down on his knee, and asked for my hand
Momma told me, he was, a standup kinda man
I ain't easy, but I'll go for a ride

4. Repeat 1 and 2

5. We planned for the future, joined the PTA
Worked hard all week, went to church on Sunday
Said our prayers, figured we're Ok,
Come Monday

6. Burning lips, they're gonna chap
Cause I feel the heat, when we kiss


Loved the guitar on this one ! I had 3 listens , and it gets better every time .

I like the rhythm! Nice guitar and lyrics!

cool vocal presentation
good guitar work & good mix
liking the song and want to hear more of your stuff

Lyrics Marvin Floyd Music Marvin Floyd
Producer Marvin Floyd Publisher Marvin Floyd
Performance Jessa Campbell


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