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Song Length 3:41 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Enchanting, Endearing
Subject Hope, Life Language English
Era 2000 and later


Eternal Lovers
(A Poem For Nicole)

Original Poem Written By Joseph Menslage
Revised for Lyrics & Music
Copyright �© 2008 by Duke Nguyen Browning

My lover I have lost
My love for her has not
True love is eternal
Since before our world was created.

Once you meet your lover
Eternal love shall you know
Like a star in the universe
No man can dim its magnificent light
(Shadows won't cast away its shinning light.)

Like those romance novels
And those movies of old
Of a love so strong and bold
But is there one for you to discover?

Tell me my Lord
Should I surrender and cease the find
Watching sands of time pass by my life?

Should I take chances
Though my heart may bleed again
To find the sweetness of that true love?

Or am I to wait
To discover after I close my eyes
Eternal love from You I will find.
Tell me Lord, yes, tell me Lord.

For there is none other
From my heart I could utter
Like my lover forever
In my life my heart, you are eternal.

________________ ORIGNAL POEM________________

Eternal Lovers
(A Poem For Nicole)
By Joseph Menslage
Copyright �© 2008

Though lovers shall be lost, their love shall not. Love is eternal. But if love is eternal, my question for you is this... When did our love first begin? To me, even before the foundations of the world were laid.

Once you meet your lover, eternal love shall you know. The kind of love that can be neither broken nor forged. A love that will transcend the ages, even the known universe itself. The kind of love that romance novels are written about and movies are made from. One that my heart knows to exist, but has not yet discovered.

As I age, and my eyes grow old, should I quit my quest, my search for thee, and settle for less? So that my parched heart may have but a drink? Or do I take a chance, maybe to die but all alone, before I discover the sweet wells deep inside of thee?

To me, the answer is but a simple one. If I am to die alone, then die alone shall I. For until the last breath has departed my lips, I shall search from the heights of the highest mountain tops; to the depths of the deepest seas; even to the four corners of the world, for the apple of mine eye.

For there is none other, that my heart could be forever true. But only for you my lover, my destiny, my future, my eternal lover... you.

Lyrics Duke Nguyen Browning from a poem of Joseph Menslage Music Duke Nguyen Browning
Publisher Unsigned Performance Duke Nguyen Browning, Vocalist

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