A Song For Dan

Story Behind The Song

She wrote this song one night thinking about her brother who had passed away.

Song Description

A song dedicated to a dead family member

Song Length 3:31 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Serene Subject Spirituality
Similar Artists Pink Language English
Era 2000 and later


A Song for Dan
by Kathy Hartman

Time seems plentiful but the hour grows late
We seem invincible but the danger is great
The sands of time are gone But we keep holding on
I've lost a soul My brother my friend
The sands of time are gone Though we keep holding on
I've lost a soul My brother my friend

He's in my heart He's in my soul
He is my warmth when I am cold
He's in my hands He's in this song
He's my brother

He took flight above the Earth A star in the sky
He remains untouchable Safe in my heart
The pain he felt is stilled His tears long have dried
His song can still be heard He's my brother my friend
I walk down the path of a life I once knew
I remember all the joy of a friend that was true
He lives inside of me I will keep holding on
He guides me on my way He's my brother my friend

The lyrics point to a massive personal loss and the vocals and emotions resonate that well. Production and the balance of vocal versus instruments is spot on. Well done.

The vibe is nice and the piano is well-recorded and very effective. The bass is solid as well.

Very touching piece done very beautifully. Instrumentation is perfect for a piece like this, as you certainly don't want a big sound. Voice is perfect for this, and makes it sound very believable, as I would guess that it probably is.

Great space in the voice, very clean piano and vocal sound. Great melodic slightly hypnotic song here.

Very interesting and captivating. The energy around 2:25 in the song I found most impressive. Vocal performance very pleasing, love it. Felt I was waiting for a drum beat to break out at some point kept hoping for it but maybe that makes it even stronger. Production well done, the recording was well clarified throughout.

Lyrics Spark Hartman Music Spark Hartman
Producer Rusty Newcomer Publisher TimeLoom Publishing
Performance Spark Hartman

A Song For Dan

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