Song Length 4:21 Genre Country - Contemporary

Nice and easy on the ear , with some lovely harmonies .

Everything is in the right place the way it's supposed to be..... great work

Tasteful arrangement; nice job by the two vocalists.

Very solid vocals, both male and female. Definitely a clean, throw-back sound that reminds me of Marty Robbins.

im not a country fan, but after listening to this i have converted. i can see this in a movie it is so much fun!

You had me from the first note --love a good duet. I loved the vocals,and guitar and drums . Great storytelling. Did you like specific instrumental parts--vocals and guitar 1) Does my intro make you want to hear the song? yes 2) Does my opening line draw you in and make you want to hear more? yes 3) Is my melody interesting? yes 4) Does my melody get stuck in your head? yes 5) Does my chorus stand out and take the song to a higher place? somewhat

Love the voices...especially the Male vocal...reminds me of Roger Miller...but technically much better. Really a nice recording ...clean arrangement. Nice sentiment...traditional country sound that is missing these days.

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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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