CAN'T MAKE A JOKE (Trent Jeffcoat-vocal)

Song Description

Joking about joking around.

Song Length 2:37 Genre Country - Rockabilly, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Jovial Subject Silliness
Language English


music and words by Chris Gantry, Jon Roniger and Sam Cooper © 2010

Now I'm in a feud,
I had words with some big dude.
We'd get along if only he,
Would share a drink and a doob with me.

I can't help it if his wife is fat,
I was only kidding when I said that,
It ain't worth startin' World War Three,
If I cant make a joke, then this joke's on me.

He said "Them thar's fightin' words,
She's just big boned, I think she's perdy,
You better take it back,
Or I'm gonna whoop your big mouth ass."

I's just having a little bit a fun,
I weren't tryin' to hurt no one,
If you're fixin' to beat me black and blue,
If I can't make a joke, then the joke's on you.

Serious whites and serious blacks,
As serious as a heart attack,
There's a girl at the bar with a serious rack,
Don't anybody ever wanna get happy?
Serious Muslims, Serious Jews,
Serious nuns in them Catholic schools,
Serious terrorists in the air,
Serious bombs in their underwear,
Serious Cyrus, serious Swift,
In 20 years, they'll need a serious lift.
Serious left and serious right,
With intern and call girl appetites.
Serious athletes, serious falls,
Tiger had some serious balls.
Serious this and serious that,
I seriously just don't give a crap.

Better loosen up that attitude,
If you can't take a joke then the joke's on you,
It ain't worth startin' World War Three,
If I can't make a joke, then the joke's on me.

If you want a good laugh, take a listen to this song. Purely country and fun, this guy calls his boss' wife fat and takes it from there. The lyrics are clever and original and just plain funny. There's an (almost rap style) bridge that pokes fun at the serious things. I love the hook "It ain't worth starting world war III...jokes on me." Great piece of writing, extremely clever hook. I think this song is timely because it's quite the fashion now to be offended by everything. If you're pretty sick of that, take a listen to this song. But you better duck...someone might throw a punch!

HELL YA!!!!!! Seriously jivin and kickin track my man, you got character. Onward and able, you really got something boss!
Funny as hell. Catchy. Easy to absorb.

great vocals and picking all good recording evertyhingi like the lyrics reminded me of Waylon

Does humour belong in music? Absolutely yeah, loved it!

I would think Toby Keith would like in on this song! Good lyrics and just what the Friday night crowd wants. Strong vocalist, great band.

Great vocals. Great instruments. Great lyrics. I liked it.

Lyrics Chris Gantry, Jon Roniger and Sam Cooper Music Chris Gantry, Jon Roniger and Sam Cooper
Producer Sam Cooper Publisher Studio 33 Music/Chris Gantry Music/Roniger Music/Jericat Music
Performance Trent Jeffcoat-vocals, Sam Cooper-everything else Label Red Heart Records
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