Story Behind The Song

When you love your pets..they love you. Otis (our black lab) and Arthur (our British short-hair)bring joy to us... Hence the song.

Song Description

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY... This tidbit was written as a 30 sec. commercial.. SO... I sang it with a lazy even not too precise pitch.. I guess like a lot of the singers we hear on TV etc.Adds...

Song Length 1:06 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleased Subject General
Language English Era 2000 and later


We'll be good friends for the rest of our lives
Sharing our dreams and our plans and our schemes

Give me your hand and I'll make it feel right
Thanks for the love you've shown me my friend

Thanks for the joy
and thanks for the love
and thanks for being there my friend.

Thanks for the joy
and thanks for the love
and thanks for being here my friend.

I like the vocals, the melody! I think this song has an happy mood!

Quirky but thats good, interesting song. I cant think of anything to add to my comments but its good to go out of the box as they say

This immediately put me in the mindset of a song for a children's program. It was short and the repeating lyrics and melody will be easy to remember.

Like the theme a whole lot great kids song this is what they need to hear!

Well, "My Friend", its short and sweet. Cute little tune.

This is really charming in a naive sort of way. I think with a little bit of reworking, this could be a really effective piece of children's music. I like the simplicity of the arrangement, lyrics and tune. There's also a really nice lo-fi vibe about this.

Truly, you've brought a smile to my face with this work. The song is a happy and joyful representation of a hopeful friendship, as the lyrics suggest. I've played this song about four times now and each time I get a warm and gentle vibe from it. You've done an excellent job on this and good luck with any future projects you work on!

Song was interesting in a tongue in cheek way... it was soooo cheesy that if you used it as a spoof it would work great.

nice feeling, warm and inocent

Lyrics Ronald Arduini Music Ronald Arduini


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