the funky casbah

Song Length 2:39 Genre Electronic - General

nice.good stuff wild flute good work

- GENIUS ideas of mixing the tribal-sounding instruments with that acoustic guitar and some saxophone in an electronic song with synths.... Loved the creativity
- Very distinct and clear rhythmic patterns. Must have been hard to clarify the sound with everything that was going on at some parts, great job

Intresting I like the Middle eastern feel. Reminds me a bit of Bentley Rythym Ace orearly UNKLE.

An interesting arabian nights-esque, woodwind based electronic number. Lots going on here and has great potential as background music. I think the length is just right as anything over three minutes would have been overkill. Percussion is very good as is the instrumentation in general with nice flourishes all over the piece. Good job.

Nice work here. The percussive background with the muted horns make for some good stuff and then flute comes in and gets things moving. Nice instrumental work and great choice of those instruments. Toss in some synth tones here and there and you have a unique tune that is ready for tons of opportunities and applications around here. Good stuff!

Song moves along well and never gets boring. You have some very interesting sounds in there. I have a lot of respect for people that can create this electronic tracks on their computers. Reminds me of a detective theme.

Secondary genre would be World. Sounds very middle eastern. A little disjointed. I like to listen to electronic to relax and its a little too chaotic and jerky for my taste.

Interesting song, with an obvious arabic feeling. good production good choice of sounds specially flute with ve ry good licks, as well as percussion. I was imaging a belly dancer as the song progressed!!
good luck with this one and congrats

Wind instrument sound are good. Nice touch with the Harmen muted trumpet.

I like the drums and the flute sounds.

Very classy, imaginative and listenable electronic piece, with appreciable exotic suggestions.

Music rick sankey Producer ricksankey
Publisher rixdrumz
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