I am Found

Song Length 4:17 Genre Country - Alternative, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi


My name is Sage-ho
Diggity dog-o
And I'm not about to leave

Shiny metal
Coming toward me too fast
And there's nothing up my sleeve

Ohhh... I can feel
Ohhh...this is real

Ribcage collapsing
Femur snapping like pine
And a fire on red rock hill
Fading image
Going dark without night
But I will not fade away

Ohhh...I am lost
Ohhh...I am tossed

And the truck was moving faster than I thought
And the wheels kept turning
Did not even stop

Body shaking
Head is spinning down low
And pain has reached my soul
Alpha dog-o
Coming to my rescue
Smells like bacon grease in my bowl

Ohhh...I am found
Ohhh...crazy hound

My name is Sage-ho
And I'm not about to leave

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Producer Jay Wetmore Publisher Jay Wetmore
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