I owe You everything

Story Behind The Song

God's amazing love is realized by a man who has many sins.

Song Description

This is a song that takes place near an ocean, and it is about a man who has many sins and is getting ready to commit suicide in the Pacific Ocean and right before he start swimming out into the abyss, he notices how beautiful the ocean really is and then he meets a Preacher who is baptizing some folks in the ocean - he asks to be baptized in the big waves.

Song Length 3:06 Genre Pop - Religious, Rock - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Serene Subject Change, Life
Similar Artists Tom Petty, Pat Green Language English
Era 2000 and later


Look out at these ocean waves
Their so beautiful they take my breath away
Lord, I don't deserve Your grace
I don't deserve Your love, I've made too many mistakes

But Lord, I owe You everything
Lord, I know I owe You everything

w I owe You everything
Lord, You sent Your only son
To die on a cross for everyone
And now, He's knocking at my door
But my heart is broken and I can't take anymore

But Lord, I owe You everything
Lord, I know I owe You everything

Look out these ocean waves
Are they big enough to wash my sins away
Please, baptize me - and let these waves roll over me

Cause Lord, I owe You everything
Lord, I know I owe You everything
I owe You every, everything

I thought this track was generally very well produced, it sounded full and clear. The only thing about the mix I didn't care for was that the vocals were a bit too hot in the mix. To me, they didn't sit well in the mix at all, but stood a bit too far above everything else.

tune could work in a film -movie script maybe. not sure if you were going for this "thin" sound, but I would remix and beef up the whole overall sound.

Heartfelt song of gratitude to the Lord. The songwriter owes Him everything is the very sincere message of this song. The best verse, in my opinion, is the one with the ocean waves. Can they wash his sins away? Then the next original thought is the reference to baptism, which really worked well for the song. Randal Dunkle loves the Lord, and it comes through in every song he writes!

This sounds like Mr. Bob Dylan very cool song!! I really like the raw feel of the composition.....it's works well!! I would like the lead vocals up a tad....hard to understand the lyrics. All & all very interesting!!
Good Job Sir!!

Lyrics Randal Dunkle Music Randal Dunkle
Producer Randal Dunkle Publisher Randal Dunkle
Performance Randal Dunkle Label Randal Dunkle
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