Vi: Childhood's end

Song Length 3:52 Genre Electronic - Industrial

I like how the effects on the vocals match the music at times. The vocalist is a perfect match for this song. This song is eerie yet draws the listener in.

Good material. / there are two things I thought was missing from a piece like this, The Max - dynamic and some instrumental melody. which is to say. You have the low dynamics but there was no moment of HIGHEST intensity. No Build to a moment of greater volume or vocal intensity etc. and It would have been nice to hear some kind of instrument take a short solo or melodic journey somewhere, mostly so that the Vocal can COME BACK creates contrast and gives you a place to create dynamics.

Yes just let it flow!

Not enough dynamics in the overall song.
The composition makes you feel so that's excellent!

I am assuming this track is for a cue. For television/movie space it is perfect. I can hear it in a scene inspiration is clouded by unfortunate circumstances. I can hear the dichotomy of the lyric and musical bed. Good job in that projection. I can hear what you are trying to do with the vocal effects. There are times however where the lyric is lost.

Super interesting song, vocals and production

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