Don't let go Ft.Sora (2018)

Story Behind The Song

Stepping away from that ledge...

Song Description

Salvation does not always come from the places we always expect it to... but no matter how frightening the ride, how confused you become, or how hurt you are... Don't let go. Never let go. It is your story... Live it. And don't let go...

Song Length 2:35 Genre Pop - General, New Age - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Hope, Recovery Similar Artists Sia
Language English


Darling close your eyes
To find inside
A night full of stars
Oceans of light through the dark
Don't let go
Darling don't let go
Don't you know
Heaven and earth sang your name
The day you came
Don't you know
All of your pain has a home

You don't have to hide
Pretend it's all fine
Odd broken signs
Graffiti and lines
Call you cracking defined
A voice to softly defy
All of the lies
Holding the truth of your life
Don't let go
Darling don't let go
Don't let go
Darling don't let go

Darling close your eyes
To find
You are more
Than what hurts you.


Hauntingly beautiful song with even more haunting lyrics, good harmonies and ideal instrumentation.

Lyrics Sora Music N.Jones
Producer N.Jones Publisher Protilius Productions
Performance Sora, N.Jones Label Protilius Productions
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