my buddies and me

Song Length 3:14 Genre Pop - General, Folk - General


we're sitting here waiting / we're gauging the scene
fresh out of basic and we're heading overseas
in the meantime we're trying to laugh about things

well they're yelling at home and they're yelling for peace
they're yelling here too and they're shooting at me
well I've been here for weeks, the most peace that I've seen
is passing a bottle between my buddies and me.

well she wasn't waiting the way we agreed
but after these years who'd expect her to be?
yeah it's a story you've heard but it happened to me.

some bar-exam boy swept her off her feet
she moved on to bigger and better things
while I sit here on porches most nights of the week
passing a bottle between my buddies and me.

all this moving away
all this moving on
here's to everything that's never gone.

well I guess you could say that I hit the streets
but hit's a harsh word, this was gradually
now the point is that something was taken from me.

it's not as bad as you maybe would think
I've got some new friends and they're so much like me
and we sit in a row here at this city's feet
passing a bottle between my buddies and me.
and I never did see a more peaceful thing
than passing a bottle between my buddies and me.

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