...and a hard place

Song Length 2:55 Genre Rock - Alternative


I been between a rock and a hard place
I can't even explain
but everything around me seemed to break
in it's own way.

I spent my days on the seashore
looking for a sail
and when I turned my back to the wind and the waves
believe me I prayed.

hear me now, though I don't know your name
your point's been made
just get me home safe.

I fought a losing battle with my ache
at the mercy of days
I cried like the world's latest widow
all of the way


the doorbell / unlatch, unchain
a worried face
then a look that's like caving in
where have you been?
I've been worried sick

I been between a rock and a hard place
I been at the mercy of days
and every new disaster come my way
was only one more

hear me now
believe me when I say
if I'd have known I wouldn't have left home
in the first place.

Performance drums by Tom Hartman

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