Pretty Kitties

Song Length 1:01 Genre Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Adorable Subject Cats, Kittens
Language English


Pretty little kitties bounce around the place
Flounce about in sassy little pussycat ways
Your enchanting little kitty style of guile and grace
I want to wrap you up and take you home to share my space

Pretty Kitties
Struttin' with your tails so high
Pretty Kitties
All a-flutter chasin' a butterfly
Pretty Kitties
It's no wonder you make me sigh
I'm all a-chancin' for romancin' baby
Meow my!

Pretty Kitties
Breakin' little hearts in two
Pretty Kitties
'Cause you know it's what you pussycats do
You got me stringin' along
That's why I'm singin' this song
I'm all a-purrin' for your furriness K-Kitty for you!

Lyrics PJ Parker Music PJ Parker
Producer PJ Parker Publisher PJB Creatives
Performance PJ Parker, Vocal/ Vinnie Ruggieri, Piano Label PJB Creatives
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