Whiskey In my coffee

Story Behind The Song

Her love and caffeine blend spice and power to the everyday. Wanted to let everyone know how much she means to me.

Song Description

Written about my feelings about my wife / lover / friend and how luck I feel to be in love and loved. Cheerleader, champion of my cause, envy of others- that what it's about.

Song Length 3:46 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine, Ecstatic Subject Madly In Love, Attracted, Crush
Language English Era 2000 and later


Oh yeah, straight up, neat, no ice
My man every day and every night
don't drink Jim Beam or Jack Black
eyes on me while I sing in the band
Closin' time, takes me by the hand
Home, upstairs, I'm in the promised land

He's the whiskey in my coffee,
Gives my life a kick
Snaps me out of a funk I might be in
Says, "you're the only one for me"
Then he smiles so sweet, makes me believe
He's why I'm livin' the dream
His angels' half is what I need
Means everything to me!!

My train of thought is stuck
He says I just think too much
Need a little distraction
Gives me that smile, gets my attention
Don't take too long to find what I was lookin' for
Turns off the lights and locks the door!

Repeat Chorus

He's inside each thought in my mind,
a.k.a. the reason why I smile

We go out at night
He always looks so fine
Says it's just simple stuff
All the girls we pass turn and look
I'm a step behind as we go our way
See'em fold their hands and pray
I just stand back laugh and smile
'cause I got what they can't have

Repeat Chorus

He's the whiskey in my coffee, yeah!

Lyrics Paul Reidy Music Paul Reidy
Producer Paul Reidy
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