Siren's Song

Story Behind The Song

Singer goes into a club and unexpectedly sees a sexy, sultry, woman dressed in black clothes that accentuates her figure. She has dark hair and bright blue eyes that continue and contrast her skin. She is sultry, sexy, and the singer is mesmerized. Singer is helpless to resist her charms and fall victim, a willing one, to her magic. In writing this and telling the musicians, I wanted the style to be similar to the timing, beat, and sound of the song "Radioactive"

Song Description

Image of a character popular in beer commercials a long time ago that exudes sex appeal, a sultry presence and persona.

Song Length 3:58 Genre Rock - General, Rock - General
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Sexual Fantasy, Sensation Similar Artists Imagine Dragons
Language English Era 2000 and later


In a club on a boulevard
I hear the sirens' song
It draws me in
Feel my soul go where it's never been
I'm hypnotized
Her raven hair surrounds blue eyes
Her hips sway with the beat
She slides close to me
Heart fills with desire
Ecstasy and fantasy combine a magic night
Sirens song of love tonight

Verse 1
Ruby lips
Beg to be kissed
No I can't resist
Never felt like this
Hand takes mine
I take a breath and close my eyes
Can't believe this dream is real
Takes control of me

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
Whisper in my ear "time is now let's begin"
Sirens song plays again
I'm paralyzed,
My tongue is tied
Her charms fog my mind
Truth and lies combine
My eyes can't see
I just hear a sirens' song callin' me.

Repeat Chorus

Paul Reidy is a musical alchemist creating gold from a mixture of various genres. He is unpredictable and will keep you entertained as you wonder where the music will take you.

Lyrics Paul Reidy Music Dennis Winge Sam Fishman Michael Wu
Producer Will Russell electric Wilburland Studio Performance Christian Erik
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