Run Out of Time

Story Behind The Song

Childhood to adult friend retired and a few months later found out he had only a short time left- no cure

Song Description

Dealing with thoughts, reality, sickness, and time slipping away. Survivor of a war, husband, father, businessman- all gone in less than 2 years. Written as I imagined his thoughts. Wishing for life and acceptance of death.

Song Length 3:43 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Classic
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Depressing Subject Regret, Sorrow
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
Used to think I was 10 feet tall
I had it all
World came crashin' in
When I heard it was the end
So many things to think about
So little time, so much doubt
Ones I love and leave behind
Tears me up inside

I'm drowning in the dark
chained to my yesterdays
cold and lonely so afraid
Tomorrow's a million miles away

I've run out of time
I don't know why
Just close my eyes
The past rushes by
News is black and white
How I wish it was a lie
They'll fold the flag, say a short prayer
It'll be in a world without me there

Verse 2
Days fade away, become what was
Like a shadow follows the sun
My life summed up in a few short words
Been set free no more hurt
Never thought I'd live forever
But this isn't how I want it to end
Weak and frail a last kiss good-bye
Instead of good night my friend

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus X2

Paul Reidy writes about people and things that have touched him in his life. His heartfelt words and music will have an impact.

Lyrics Paul Reidy Music Paul Reidy
Producer Paul Reidy Publisher Paul Reidy
Performance Paul Reidy
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