One more time

Story Behind The Song

The idea spilled out when I was on an airplane and there was a person who was drinking, talking, laughing, a little loud but not obnoxious aor hurtful. Probably had too much to drink, but as we began our decent he stood up and yelled to the flight attendants "one more time" he wanted another drink. Person was just enjoying life, the plane ride, the people, everything. Person didn't care about rules, e.g. sit down and be quiet, wanted to make the most out of the situation and do it happy. I've added somethings that I believe personified the thinking. A rock song if there ever was one- just a few years after that era.

Song Description

A rock song that makes you move, want to dance, sing, forget about responsibilities, enjoy the time you have. Do what makes you happy.

Song Length 3:22 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Ecstatic Subject Fun, Freedom
Language English Era 1980 - 1989


Won't go easy or slow down

Feelin' good is what life is about

Déjà vue tried to grab me

So I flipped it over made and made it my dream

Time and thinkin' aren't my thing

If they come for me I'll run away

And when I stop and grin

I'll stand up and shout


One more time

A drink a kiss and some more lovin'

Want more of this

This is paradise

Gettin' a little more

That's what I'm prayin' for

Bring it on

Cause I love every minute

Minds right side is where I live

Give and take from life not from a script

Makin' the most of it

Won't settle for any less

Follow my heart

Live happy every day dawn 'till dark

Do what I love

Drinkin' kissin' lovin' and havin' fun

Repeat Chorus


I'm chasin' my dream

Writin' my life story

It's what I'm about

So I stand up and shout

Repeat Chorus

1/2 chorus

One more time

A drink a kiss and some more lovin'

Want more of this

This is paradise

Paul Reidy is mixing retro pop/rock with today's technology to create a blend of old and new for both the younger generation and those growing up in the 70's

Lyrics Paul Reidy Music Dennis, Mary,Doug, Michael, Molly
Producer Wilburland Studio
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